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ABB AC Drive
AC Products: ACS800、ACS550、ACS510、ACS350、ACS150,etc.
ABB DC Drive
DC Products: DCS800、DCS400, etc.
ABB Medium Voltage Drive
Voltage: 2.3kV-6.9kV
Products: ACS5000、ACS1000,etc.
ABB Soft Starter
Voltage: 200V-690V Current: 3A-1810A
Products: compact PSS series, general PSS series, and intelligent PST series.
Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DCB500: all-digital DC power supply
DCB500G: high frequency switch DC power supply
Plasma (DC) Power supply
Input Voltage: 2000VAC, 3 phase Frequency: 50Hz
Output Voltage: 2000VDC
Shore Power Supply
Input: 380V/50HZ, 3 phases (AC323V-528V)
Output: 380V/60HZ, 3 phases Rated output rate: 60HZ/50HZ/ 400Hz
Emergency Power Supply
EPS, emergency power supply, is mainly to meet power supply equipments, such as emergency lighting, accident lighting, and fire fighting facilities.
System Integration
Products: variable frequency constant voltage water supply control system; variable frequency constant voltage drainage control system etc.
Products: bridge crane, tower crane, cable machine and ship unloader control system, etc.
Power Plant
Products: power plant boiler fan, primary air fan, secondary air fan variable frequency control system, etc.
Liquid Oxygen Pump
This series of complete sets is for variable oxygen generator.

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